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This was the original draft of that first letter




Jul 21, 2006, 12:56 AM

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This was the original draft of that first letter Can't Post

This was the original draft of the letter I actually printed out to send on May 28th, but neither letter was sent until July 19th.

(This was the original letter, never sent, until July 19th.)

Dear Sirs, May 24, 2006

Today we had another court appearance. (CPRB-Case 144-06, POMI 51-06)

This time, the officer showed up, and acted like nothing was wrong. He felt he was doing me a favor by ďallowing meĒ to plead down, and ďnot going anywhereĒ with the case.

He was shocked when I refused, and sent him to my attorney.

Apparently, he didnít know he was under investigation, or that I had filed a complaint.

But, he did manage to find a way to threaten me with jail time again, and with throwing me in jail ďright now.Ē

I heard him mumble something, so I said ďI called for help, and you put me in the hospital.Ē

He got really threatening and said ďI put you in the hospital! You want to get your ROR rescinded and go to jail right now? Iíll do it.Ē And looked around for support from one of the court police, and moved towards me.

This is further abuse of police power, the uniform, and the gun.

Since when is that grounds for incarceration? He can threaten anyone Ė even in a court room Ė with anything, and get away with it. You are threatened with jail time, and incarceration for daring to say anything. What does this mean for a fair trial or hearing?

He was laughing, like it was a huge joke. He belittled me again, trying to get the DA to insist that I go for psychiatric counseling, and a forensic visit. Humiliation in front of the judge again. Under his laughter though, was a seething anger, every time he glanced at me. He was again, going to show me just how powerful and abusive he was and what he could get away with because he had a badge and a gun.

Itís fact, and on the record, *HE* put me in the hospital. Regardless of the circumstances, that is fact. He should not be allowed to threaten me, put his hand on his gun, or try to intimidate me. He canít alter that fact, and he shouldnít have been allowed to have threatened me like that.

Iím living a nightmare, afraid of our own police force, something that reports to the community, and is truly EMPOWERED by the people, and heís laughing at his abuses.

Iím a home owner, shop owner, resident of my community. I was robbed, and grabbed a thief, and was jumped by the Giant Eagle manager, and beaten by the police. I was humiliated, and threatened by the police, and Iím having night mares and flash backs, and break out in a sweat when I see a police car. *I* made two 911 calls.

If this is how the police intimidate INSIDE the court house, can you imagine what they are doing on the streets?

Iím afraid of this officer, his attitude and his actions. Beyond the fact heís trying to throw me in jail for nothing, and for being robbed, I fear his off-duty retaliations. He never said not to touch him, and is using that to justify his assault, so already I know Iím dealing with a liar, and problem character Ė and that scares me for me and my family.

If he can ďlegallyĒ do this to a home owner, store owner, and resident of this community, can you imagine what he (and others) are doing to those with less standing? I have first hand knowledge and experience, to know that many of those claims are probably true Ė far more than anyone else might believe. Iíve experienced the abuse. Iím living it right now. And it extended well after the actual event, to even inside the court house itself.

Another attorney who had overheard part of the exchanges whispered to me, that all heís afraid of is a slap on the wrist, and a 1$ judgment.

If this is what is really going on, then our system, and our police force is far more broken than anyone could have imagined.

We have serious problems, as a City and community, and I have serious problems, because I have this officer after me.

Robert S. Pataki, MD
cc: Roy E Dean

Det. Paul Becker, OMI
Chief Costaís Office.

This officer has abused his position, and violated my rights both as a human being, and an American. The Constitution provides protection from this sort of abuse by the State. Or doesnít that apply any more?

If this is how the officer could treat me, then there is nothing that would prevent them from going further, or doing worse to those who have less.

This officer is using his position to threaten, humiliate and abuse me. And, as shown at the court house, I have absolutely no recourse, and my rights have no meaning. The facts donít matter, only his gun.

This is the most Kafkaesque situation I have ever been in. The victim is being persecuted with the full blessing of the system, for reporting a crime, and being the victim of the crime. The officer is free to make arrests, make accusations, and threaten jail time if anyone speaks out against him Ė that is EXACTLY what he did to me today.

This officer actually thought I would be RELIEVED or ECSTATIC to find out he was not pressing full charges against me for violating my rights, for beating me up, for sending me to the hospital, for having the EMS personnel continue to abuse me, and having the most nightmarish ride of my life Ė something only seen on TV Ė so I thought.

There is something seriously wrong with this system.

Itís wrong from the very ground up.

A change needs to be made, and a message needs to be sent that those in uniform PROTECT and SERVE the public good, not serve themselves, and feed a system that is getting so far out of control itís running itself with no one at the helm.


Now is the perfect time to send a message. This is clearly an abuse of police power, and continued harassment and threats by this officer only go to show that now heís protecting himself, by using the system to threaten me.

Heís threatened me again with jail time, and they made moves to actually drag me into the back. There were witnesses, my lawyer for one.

This is intimidation, and was done for NOTHING MORE than stating the fact he put me in the hospital. I was in a seated position, about 8 feet from him, or more. Again, there was no potential threat to his person, yet he advanced to me, with his hand on his gun, and threatened me with jail time. AGAIN.

This was all an attempt to bully me into taking a deal, and pleading guilty to something I DID NOT DO! And which is so bizarre that I canít believe this is happening in America. This is still the United States of America, with a Constitution, and a Bill of Rights, and protections from police and undue and unjust harassment by the State. This is what we fought a war against a King for. We are not some South American country where Disaparacidos are an entire class of people. We are not some 3rd world country where the police run the state.

The Police are not above the law. They ARE the law, and nothing more. When they, or any individual, violates that, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law they betrayed, with no leniency.

When someone in uniform betrays their trust and charges, there should be no leniency, and no mercy. They have betrayed everyone they were serving, and everyone who wears a uniform now, and in the past. It is beyond dangerous to allow such behavior to go unpunished or only with ďa slap on the wrist.Ē If the penalty is not far more severe than any gain for such actions, there is no disincentive for those actions. The risk is worth it, and we Ė as a society Ė all lose.

If there is no penalty, no reaction of horror and dismay, no ďCourt Marshall,Ē it only encourages more abuse, and sends a message that we as a society will tolerate this behavior Ė if you can get away with it.

If this doesnít stop here, when and where will it stop?

By the time we as a society decide itís time, it will be too late. We may not be able to correct the system. History will cycle and we will be the police state of 1984, or the USSR of recent memory.
Why am I making an issue of it, and not taking the ďdealĒ to protect myself and my family? I am constantly reminded of the so often misquoted quote by Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945
First they came for the Communists,and I didnít speak up,because I wasnít a Communist.Then they came for the Jews,and I didnít speak up,because I wasnít a Jew.Then they came for the Catholics,and I didnít speak up,because I was a Protestant.Then they came for me,and by that time there was no oneleft to speak up for me. For too long, our communities have allowed both crime, and police neglect and abuse to run rampant, and itís time to make a stand. If we donít, if I donít, what legacy am I leaving for my children? Live in terror of the police, as I am now?
If I allow this officer to terrorize me into silence, what am I doing to my children, and my community, and country? That is a betrayal of all those who have died and sacrificed protecting this country, and the world, from those who would do that to us and others. We cannot allow it to happen from within. This officer was wrong.
This officer IS wrong.
This officer is abusing his position, and his power, and laughing about it, while my life is falling apart. He has no worries, because he can manipulate the system, use it, and abuse it. He has all the resources at his disposal, and the threats of doing to those who refuse to cooperate with him, what he has done and threatened to do to me. This is being condoned by the system, as I witnessed today. The system is wrong for allowing it to go this far. It must stop. A stand must be taken, to say that ABUSES by the police are not to be tolerated. The police are here to protect us, from abuse, and crime, and unlawfulness. They must be beholding to that law, or they are no better, and in fact far worse, than any common criminal. If the system fails to hold them accountable, and turns a blind eye when these abuses occur, the system becomes a danger to the people itís set to protect. If the system actually CONDONES this behavior, for whatever misguided reason it may have, the system becomes the terror and threat to civil liberties and Constitutional Grant of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. This may seem like a small issue. One person. One injury. One bizarre miscarriage of justice and sanity. But itís not. Itís far reaching and repeated over and over every day. Only, most of those who are victimized by it have no means to speak out, and have no standing to fight back with. I will state again, I am a home owner, store owner, and resident of this community. I am a retired Medical Doctor. I have the right to protect myself, my family, and my community from the violence and abuse by criminals, and police that are behaving as such. I KNOW when Iím being mistreated by the police, EMS and the Emergency room. I know when Iím being harassed by the police officer and his abuse of his uniform, badge and gun, and his manipulation of the system to intimidate me. Iím risking jail time, and potential retaliation from this officer, because I was robbed, and he felt he had the right to beat up anyone he felt like. And why is he being allowed to keep threatening me with jail time! If that isnít the most clear, simple, and clear cut example of his abuse and harassment, I canít imagine what else is. He is NOT a judge. He is not a jury. He is not an executioner. He is supposed to BE the law, but he has betrayed that, and is abusing it for his own ego. The simple facts: I was robbed. NO statement was ever taken from me. I Placed TWO 911 calls for help. I grabbed one of 5 people involved in the scam. I was jumped by the manager of the Giant Eagle, then thrown over a wall, and humiliated while I lay screaming in pain on the ground. The officer who did that to me laughed at me and threatened me the whole time, calling me a ďgirlĒ and and threatening me with jail time. For what? Being robbed! Calling for help? I ended up in the ER, and probably needing surgery. I am losing more and more functioning in my legs every day. Almost 3am, and Iím not sleeping again. I close my eyes, and relive the pain, and betrayal my call for help brought. This is not a proud day for Pittsburgh, or America. Robert S. Pataki, MD
President, PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc.
PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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