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The letter written July 19th.




Jul 21, 2006, 1:01 AM

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The letter written July 19th. Can't Post

After suffering for almost 2 more months, this is the letter that I wrote, from dozens of pages of writing I've made trying to get this out of my system, and to come to terms with the horrors I suffered, and the complete disillusionment in the justice system, and our city and country in general.

Until you actually are victimized by it, you have no idea how real the complaints made against the police, and the "system" are. Once in it, there is no justice, no truth, nothing but what those who run the system try to make it. All you can do is defend yourself -- even if you were the victim.

It's worse than rape. This doesn't wash off or go away. The stink stays with you forever.


July 19, 2006

(CPRB-Case 144-06, POMI 51-06)

Dear Mr Costa,

Thank you for the interest your office has shown in my case so far.

I realize this is late, but I have been fighting a huge amount of pressure to not file or proceed with this case from family and friends, saying I would be putting myself and my family at risk of retribution from this officer and other police officers. I head to court for the 3rd time to defend myself from the police officer who I called on for help after being robbed.

The overwhelming feelings of EVERYONE I have talked with, is that they NEVER
call the police for anything, because they would be victimized a second time. And, that is exactly what happened to me. I was robbed. Had I just chalked it up to the cost of living in the city, I would have been fine. But no, I tried to do something about it, and called the police for help. And that is when I was REALLY victimized.

I was assaulted, brutalized, sent to the hospital -- and then ARRESTED BY THE OFFICER as further harassment! Had I just gone home, and not called 911 for help, Iíd not have been injured, brutalized, facing thousands in legal bills and jail time for SOMETHING I DIDNíT DO!

My statement of my robbery was never taken, and now I am facing thousands of dollars in legal costs to defend myself FROM THE POLICE OFFICER, and have been finger printed and treated as a common criminal BY THE POLICE OFFICER. All he had to do was file the arrest warrant. Who verified what happened? Who made sure he was not abusing his power to harass/threaten me to dropping charges Ė or simply harassing me because he gets off on it?

In the court house, I was again threatened with arrest Ė by this officer for no reason! -- and menaced with his gun and posture in front of my attourney and with the BLESSING of the DA! All I said in response to his remark was that he put me in the hospital Ė and that is an undeniable fact. But, apparently, he can threaten to put me in jail and revoke my bail because of that remark -- and can threaten me with his gun Ė but I canít state a simple fact in a calm manner. This is undeniable proof that the police are allowed to threaten, harass and brutalize the citizenry they should be protecting. It is proof that the legal system and the DAís *ARE* really corrupt and power hungry as shown on TV and in the Movies. They are acting like judge, jury and executioner -- NOT the "law" which is all they are.

That is abuse of police power, and this is the sort of thing that goes on every day. Those with no social standing, and no financial resources to fight, simply plea to bogus charges.

After Veterans day, and July 4th, I cannot dishonor those who fought and died for our freedoms to allow this police state of terror to continue.

I face prison, physical harm, and even death because I CALLED THE POLICE FOR HELP!! This is not what our forefathers envisioned when they wrote the Constitution and stood up to the tyrant King with the Declaration of Independence. It is not what our ancestors, grandfathers, fathers or husbands, sons and daughters have fought and died for.

If I had just gone home, it would have cost me about $10 in theft, but no legal fees, no time wasted, no finger printing, no jail time, no brutality or harassment by the police officer, or threats to my liberty or physical well being.

This is not uncommon. Apparently it's all too common. The person shot at a traffic stop, or those injured in high-speed chases get all the media attention, but they are not the real problem. They are but a single lapse of judgment that should be dealt with through channels. What I am, and hundreds or thousands of others are, suffering, on the other hand, is a systematic, planned, and condoned abuse that citizens of this city undergo every day.

It is this organized corruption and abuse of power and the badge that needs to stop.

People should not be afraid to call the police for help -- but they are! They are more afraid of the police coming to check out a problem, than of the armed or violent offender who has created the problem.

If you do not believe me, just ask around. I have gotten almost unanimous agreement on that. DON'T CALL THE POLICE! THEY ARE WORSE THAN THE CRIMINALS!

I have proof that is true. The criminals only cost me about $10. The call to 911 and the police officers cost me great pain, creeping physical disability that will undoubtedly require surgery, and a great cost that is putting a financial and emotional strain on my entire family and my kids.

I have a special needs child, and we've depended on the police to bring her back when she's run. What this has shown her, and what it has shown my other children, is that the police cannot be trusted any more than the stranger on the street -- and that is very, very scary.

Last night my daughter seriously cut, and suffered with memories of an abusive foster parent. My wife had my daughter make a call to 911. Soon, there were 4 police officers on the porch (one looked like one who responded to my call) and I was in a cold sweat and terrified by them, more than what was going on with my daughter. This isnít right.

I can no longer live like this, or with this eating me up. I am writing your office, sending this to OMI, filing with the Citizens Review Board and will be posting this and dozens of other pages Iíve written in the months since to the web and sending them to the news desks of all the TV, radio and newspapers in town.

We are not becoming a "police state" we ARE a police state, and the proof is in this case, and the thousands of others like it. The police file charges, bully the person into pleading to something they didn't do, just to get off, and avoid huge legal bills and potential jail time, but it's WRONG, It's CRIMINAL and the police officer and DA, and any others who foster this system should be in jail! Not those of us victimized by it.

But how do you fight the rigged system? How do you fight someone with guns, access to all the technology they need, and who is part of a system that can go after you, your friends, and family without any sort of brakes or checks? Itís terrifying! And that is what we, the ordinary citizens, are living with every day. I never realized it until I was victimized by it, and others tried to tell me what they do Ė or donít do Ė in calling for help.

I feel I have no choice but to follow through, and will be going to court a THIRD TIME to defend myself from this police officer, and racking up more legal bills, and risking jail time for SOMETHING I DID NOT DO, simply because the officer is able to file frivolous and false charges, and the system does not watch over and check their actions.

My kids risk losing their dad because of this police officer. I was a victim of a crime, then victimized again by the police officer. And my family, the whole city, and our way of life is being victimized by this officer and those like him.

Someone has to say "Enough" and I can't dishonor the men and women who have fought
and died to keep us free. I wore a uniform as a Auxiliary Police officer in the 26th of NYC, and I saw good and bad, just as I saw the good and bad in the ER's in the various cities and hospitals I worked in from NY to WV.

I saw some things. I heard a lot more. And now, I have lived the worst of the the stories I have heard. I know they are true, I experienced them. I can't turn my back on that, or contribute to a system of decay and corruption that will affect my children. What legacy do I leave them if I plead guilty to something I didn't do, and that police office gets off to continue doing this to others?

I am also fighting the DA and a corrupt system that uses it's own power to try to create cases and destroy reputations and harass people BEFORE they ever get their day in court.

This is a ploy, and a means of further harassing a person the DA's use to pad their cases. It's shown on TV, in "Law & Order", movies, and even the evening news.

The DA should not have the right to ORDER and coerce a judge to force a person to "seek treatment" or to get "analyzed" without a medical professional cosigning it, and that professional being scrutinized by other medical professionals. If there is no outright reason, they should not have to go, the DA should not be able to use it against them, and they should not be further abused and harassed by the "system."

But, they are.

It's a dangerous, evil, and malicious cycle the system has created for itself to "win" cases that it would otherwise not have a chance in hell of even getting into court.

I have a right to be angry.

If I was not angry, THEN I would need therapy.

No sane, rational, or honest person would NOT be angry at what has happened.

Itís this anger that caused a group of men to rise up over a tyrant King. Itís this anger that forced the end of slavery. Itís this anger that gave Martin Luther King his ďdream.Ē It is this anger that made Rosa Parks take a seat on a bus. And itís this anger that every American has a god given and Constitutional Right to have Ė and the DA or Judicial system has no right to try to take away, nor do our police have the right to beat out of us.

The DA is *NOT* a medical professional, nor even a para-medical professional. They are at best lawyers, which make them the antithesis of a medical professional.

Lawyers are by nature destructive. They win by tearing the other side down, and they don't know when to stop. The system encourages it, by allowing them to manipulate it, so they can win.

I was assaulted by the manager of the Giant Eagle, rather than helped. I was assaulted on the streets by the police officer. I was abused and mistreated by the ambulance crew on the way to the ER. I was assaulted, jammed in the neck, and almost drowned in the ER. I was shown no compassion, human decency, or given the treatment or attention my injuries and presenting complaint warranted.

I have a right Ė and obligation Ė to be angry, and to not have that anger used against me.

This is the United States. Or at least it was.

Change doesn't start with one-time events like killing someone at a traffic stop in a tunnel, or injuring someone in a high-speed chase of a non-violent offender. It happens with the repeated, small time abuses that affect every citizen, and large segments of the population on a DAILY basis.

This is what people see; this is what they live with.

If you want people to believe in your policy of change, you must take a stand on the things that affect THEM, not someone else. The "media events" take care of themselves. It's the non-media events -- constant threats by armed officers, abuse of position and power, insensitivity and verbal abuse by uniformed/armed personnel that has to change.

Put some checks and balances on what the police officers are allowed to do with their every-day powers.

Allow the citizenry to watch and be involved with the day-to-day actions of ALL officers. The police are empowered by the citizens and community they serve. They answer directly to the people, not to each other. Bring that back to the people, and most of the problems we face will go away.

Again, we, as a community, need your help.

Donít fail us.

Robert S. Pataki, MD
President, PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc.
Father, Husband, and resident of Pittsburgh.

cc: Roy E Dean
Det. Paul Becker, OMI
Chief Costaís Office.
Media News Desks, Web Blog,
PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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