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Sept 18th - the final version




Sep 18, 2006, 2:01 PM

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Sept 18th - the final version Can't Post

It's not as different as I had hoped, but it is a lot shorter. It wasn't spell/grammer checked since it wasn't being submitted, but given orally.


Everyone worries about the millitia, terrorists, or the military taking over.
Sure, that could happen. But we already have been taken over by terrorists.

Supposedly they are working for us, their primary purpose and reason for being to protect and serve the community that empowered them. Who are they?
They wear blue and carry a badge.

"To protect and serve."

Their own interests.

With our President lobbying to ignore human rights and humane treatment of prisoners, and disregard for the Geneva Convention, it is imperitive we make a stand to protect ourselves in our own cities and homes from our own police BEFORE it gets any worse.

I have delayed officially filing with the CPRB because of the sheer number and scope horror stories I've been told by others.
The police have the guns. The police have the computers.
They have the ability to harrass, alter or ignore evidence, and they have the presumption of law on their side.

We are in a police state. The police can make random stops and kill you for no reason.

They have, and they continue to do so here, and around the country.

The true terror is that they do not get punished for it. The system goes out of it's way, bends over backwards, and does double summersaults to protect them, when it should be protecting the PEOPLE that it SHOULD be serving.

In my case, I have a problem BECAUSE I called 911. I was robbed, assualtd, but was only truely victimied and injured once the police showed up, BY THE POLICE.

When the patrolmen arrived, I was treated plain and simply as street trash.

I am a retired physician. I have worked in ER's in several cities including the South Bronx and Manhattan. I was also an Auxiliary Police Officer in the 26th of Manhattan. So I have a unique perspective.

While I lay there screaming in pain, unable to move, you would have expected SOME sort of decent human reaction.
It didn't happen.

He did not exhibit any of the normal human feelings or reactions to see if he had hurt someone.

He did not do anything a normal, decent human being would have.

What he did do was belittle and humilate me to whomever would listen -- including EMS who used his tone to further abuse and cause me great pain. Because of this Officers tone, and their own lapse of jugement, the EMT's could have seriously, permanently and even fatally injured me by how they ACTUALLY handled me.

What he said was "I've seen girls handle it better."

What he said many times "If he doesn't do this he'll be spending the night in jail?" For what? Screaming in pain?

In fact, rather than admitting his error in judgement, when he found out I was pressing the issue, he filed charges against me BY MAIL almost a month after the incident for the injuries and pain HE CAUSED me! Dates are documented.

Two months later, in the court house, he again advanced on me with his hand on his gun, threatening to lock me up "right now".

This threat of incarceration was despite the fact I was out on ROR by judges' order.

Police are NOT judge, jury and executioner, but this cop, is acting like one.

I am here because I called the police, something my friend, family and even strangers who I've told this to have said I was stupid to do.

They say "Never call the police."
They say the police are worse than the criminals.
They tell me call the police and you'll be victimized twice.

If I had just chaulked my loss up to living in the city, and avoided the police and 911, I would have been fine.

I would not have spent a night in the ER.

I would not have been brutalized, humiliated, and physically injured.

I would not be facing thousands in legal expenses defending myself from the POLICE!

I would not be facing possible jail time because this officer can do anything he wants with full blessing of the system.

I was a victim of a crime. I made two calls to 911. I had a seargeant show up in the ER. NO ONE EVER TOOK MY STATEMENT.

Right now the police are not accountable to anyone, even the people they are chartered to serve.

We, are, in effect, paying for and funding our own terrorists and jailers.

And, as an example, here in Pittsburgh, our own quiet little "safe" town, we have Officer John Kusenko, an angry, armed, sociopath in blue with a badge roaming our streets.

Sociopath: Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal. Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others.
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