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Letter to OMI july 21st.




Jul 21, 2006, 1:30 AM

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Letter to OMI july 21st. Can't Post

This is the email to the OMI office. I haven't heard anything from them or the detective investigating in 2 months, and yet the police officer said he was going out to get witnesses and all that stuff -- on CITY TIME!!


Mr Dean,

It has been some time, and I have not heard anything.

I am going back to court - for the 3rd time - to defend myself from the POLICE OFFICER! who never took my statement, but injured me.

I face jail and thousands in legal bills defending myself agaist this officer who feels this is a huge joke, and that I should be grateful he was only going to charge me with Disorderly Conduct! I was so angered at that, and that he claimed he had not heard he was under investigation, that I didn't know what to do.

Again, I was victimized by the system that was saying it was on my side, and looking into things, but was really doing nothing.

He threatened me again inside the courthouse and meanaced me with his hand on his gun. The DA felt this was "OK" behaviour. He also threatned to "send me to jail" despite the ROR, so he's also acting as judge, jury and executioner as well.

I sent a set of letters to Mr Costa's office.

I've posted them on my website, and will be setting up others, as well as contacting the media with what is going on. I can't allow this sort of stuff to go on in America, when we have people fighting and dying for our fredom.

Ask around. You'll find people more terrified of calling the police, than of the criminals that robbed or victimized them. ANd it's not inner city people either, but white, middle and upper class surburban who refuse to call the police.

Had I just gone home, and not called the police for help, I'd have been ok. That's pretty sick and twisted isn't it? What would our founding fathers have to say about that? Or all those who fought against the King, or Hitler, or in all our "freedom" skirmishes since -- including Iraq?

When our own police are the criminals, and the system supports them as it is doing with this officer, and his ability to use it to his ends, then we are broken beyond fixing.

This officer assaulted me, beat me, humiliated me, put me in the hospital, *THEN* charged me! What recourse do I have? It doesn't "cost" him anything to do this, and he suffers no consequences.

If a poor black male from the projects was in my position, he'd have no choice but to plead to a lessser offense and feel lucky he got off. But that is not right, and it's why we have such creeping hostility, and why the country is in such a rage.

We are being victimized by our own police from traffic stops for no reason, to officers yelling and humiliating stopped drivers, to harrassment for being on the wrong street, the wrong car, or even looking at the officer wrong. They've got the guns, they've got the "reports" they can file, then a month later you get a notice you're under arrest!

No way to get witnesses, or even know you needed any. No way to fight the officer's charges, because they've got all the "facts" and you don't have any. (The facts being, they are an officer and their word is "legal.") This is all wrong, and you know it, we the people know it, and the officers know it -- and they love it.

The letters are posted here:

And I've made sure that google has indexed them, and that archive.org has noticed them.

All this because I was robbed at a Giant Eagle, going out late night for some snacks, and the officer arrived with a bad attitude, a big gun, and the "system" behind him to terrorize the citizenry.

Robert S. Pataki, MD
PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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