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Beaders against Brutality -- beaten by cops and EMT's




Feb 23, 2006, 4:07 AM

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Beaders against Brutality -- beaten by cops and EMT's Can't Post

I mailed this out to our mailing list, I'm posting it here, again, to make sure it's out there.


I was shopping at the Giant Eagle in Squirrel Hill. (Tuesday, about 10pm, more or less)

I was accosted and robbed ON THEIR PROPERTY, and chased the robbers, and
I managed to grab one of the robbers by their coat and detain them, and drag
them back into the light by the entrance way. I called for help, but of course no one came.

The manager eventually came out of the Giant Eagle screaming at me that I (meaning me)
didn't see anything, I didn't know anything, "How do you know they did anything?" and
"I can't have you hitting my customers." How could she know that? She didn't ask
what went on, just started yelling and creating a problem -- preventing me from keeping
a grip on the robber.

The witnesses repeatedly said I didn't _hit_ anyone, just grabbed and detained the robber.
But she didn't care. She "knew it all" from inside the building. She even said "I can't
have you grabbing my customers"! This wasn't a customer, this was a ROBBER! She then
physically assaulted me, and forced me to let go of the robber, and thew me to the ground.

She not only had no right to verbally abuse me, she had absolutely no right to
touch me, bear hug me, assault me, and throw me to the ground.

She had no right to prevent me/us from trying to protect our neighborhood. These kids
were running a scam, and the new "security gate" Giant Eagle put in is feeding it.
The carts lock-dead at the entry, so you can't load your car, and have to make trips
back and forth. The kids use this time to rip you off. It will lead to worse problems
than what happened to me, believe me!

When the cops arrived, they had a piss-poor attitude, and I was the criminal.
They did not ask what happened, just started pushing people around, and yelling.
They assumed threatening poses, never asked what happened, and just started
creating a larger issue.

One cop pushed me several times, after lying about about what he said, and
pushed me into and over the half wall of the flower garden by the carts.

Those of you who know me know I have severe back problems and pain -- even
without such treatment.

For the next what seemed like hours, but was probably 20-30 minutes, I lay
there, crumpled up, screaming in pain, face pressed against the garbage can,
while the cops taunted me, insulted me, belittled me, and acted as if I was
some sort of street trash. They called me a "girl" and said "I've see girls
handle this better."

They made remarks like "If he doesn't do this, he'll spend the night in jail."
"We'll be taking him to jail." And others. They were getting in my face,
literally, I could feel them and hear their voices that close, humiliating me
however they could.

The ambulance people treated me as roughly as they could, causing me as much
pain as they could. One EMT was rude, screamed at me, used profanity, threatened
me, and worse.

When we got the ER, at Presby I was gagging on my own fluids. They would not let go
of me, to let me roll over and spit it out. The same EMT, took his arm, and
elbow and jammed it into my neck, compressing my windpipe so I couldn't breathe. I
was screaming as best I could through the fluid I was drowning and needed to get up
or roll over. *NOONE* cared. They were being abusive again, and all I heard was
"Flip him over on the bed and we'll get him" at that point a physician I believe
came in and stopped them. I was able to breathe again, but was in such pain
my HR was over 130 and no pain meds at all for hours.

I'm laying here at 5:30am, unable to sleep. I have visions of them coming to
get me, so they could "hush" this all up. I need to make sure this is out there
just in case something else happens.

I don't know if you've ever been in that situation, but I was unable to move,
barely could open my eyes from the pain, they were jostling me and laughing
at me, humiliating me while I was strapped to a board, and in the back of
some vehicle, I couldn't even tell was an ambulance.

I was terrified I was not going to actually go to a hospital. I'm still terrified now.

If they could do this to me, as robbery VICTIM, what are they doing to people
who actually did commit a crime? I close my eyes, and it's a nightmare.

I'm worried about what will happen to me and my family as I start to press
charges. I can't let this go. This is OUR neighborhood, these are supposed
to be people who are part of this neighborhood and PROTECTING US and IT from
criminals and problems -- NOT creating them!

This is not only the police, but the EMT's who took the police's attitudes
and did not do their jobs to properly assess and evaluate the situation,
and come to their own conclusions.

They assumed I was a drunk, or a drug addict, or worse. They laughed at me
"sure sure" several times when I said I was a physician.

I've never been so humiliated in my life, and I was powerless to do anything.
I couldn't move, and it was several hours before the pain was bearable enough
to move even a little -- and *that* is when they decided they would give some
pain meds.

I realize some of you may be put off by this, and others not care to get
involved, but we need your help now more than ever. Marie fell down a flight
of stairs, and has been out of circulation for a week, and will be out for
longer. I'm in worse pain now, and may end up having to stop working and
that means closing the store until we can get back on our feet, literally.
And then, there will be the bills to try to get the police, EMT's and manager
at Giant Eagle who did this to me, and who are allowing the robbers and
criminals to take over our streets and threaten to arrest -- and actually
do send to the ER -- the honest citizens who try to stop them.

This cannot go on in our cities and our neighborhoods.

We are not asking for charity, only for your legitimate business. If you've
been putting off purchases, or have been buying on line, please think about
spending your dollars locally on a local family, and to help make our
neighborhood and streets safe again.

I'm not sure what our hours will be the rest of the week, I'm still trying
to get in to see my doctor (since the ER exam was non-existent), and Marie
can't sit or stand for long due to her injuries.

I've left out a lot of the details above, but it tells an accurate story
of what happened, and how we are losing our neighborhoods right here in
in our own city.

Thanks for reading,

Robert & Marie,
and Family

PS: Through all of this, and another call to 911 to have a supervisor
show up at the ER, no one ever took my statement, or asked me what happened.
PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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