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- A tour of our bead strands #4 (LARGE close-up images 2)




Dec 3, 2006, 6:40 PM

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- A tour of our bead strands #4 (LARGE close-up images 2) Can't Post

More close up images of our bead strands, grouped more or less by kind/color. Random, no real organization. Just a huge variety, and quality.

As of Dec 1st:

Set 4:

Mookite beads of a wide variety of sizes/shapes/quality. Red agates too.

Yellow turquoise is a jasper/agate mix. It's stunning, in a wide range of colors. Mostly
yellows and greens, but there are browns, reds and other colors mixed in to some. Some
strands are lower grade, other strands are high-grade with a good polish and great earthy

These beads are hematite, but are usually reconstituted and compressed
for uniformity. There are a variety of brand names (they can't sell it as
"real" hematite since it's been reconstituted). Some are magnetic, some
are not. The beads are pretty uniform with a high shine. Some have
surface defects, mostly for interest. Sizes from small rounds, to larger
shapes. Heavy material, since it's iron, but it goes well with reds, and
crystals, and such.

There are few naturally black materials. Most are dyed. Blackstone is one that is usually
natural, but can be dyed. It is black, but has a greyish/green cast in some lights. It is
black, not as black as obsidian (one of the few naturally black stones).

Shell and Mother of Pearl (MOP). Brown Lip, black lip, and other varieties including paua
and abalone. We have large abalone pieces for wire wrapping, as well as dust for inlay.

Gold coral is a great material. It's supposedly heated to bring out the color. We have large,
small and medium twigs, as well as nice stock of heshi sized pieces that are perfect for holiday
colored jewelry as spacers and accents. The heshi strands are quite reasonably priced.
Remember, we do wholesale, and can offer large-order discounts and discounts for cash.

Quartz is a staple of all beading. The varieties are endless, and new
varieties are discovered all the time. The basics are clear and white.
(The purple, green, red, yellow and other colors while "quartz" have
different trade and mineral names). The quality varies greatly in
color, smoothness, defects, inclusions and such. We are always
seeking out higher grade (and very interesting lower grades) of clear
and white quartz. We have a great variety of clear quartz with a variety
of inclusions and rutiles of different materials and colors from gold and silver
to red, black and green.

This is a group photo of some medium grade materials. Chinese brown
picture jasper. Unakite. Writing Rock (hard to really see the writing
patterns in small beads). A conglomerate stone and new jade.

This is a fun selection of colors and materials. The indian jaspers have greens and browns,
with clear areas. There is moss agates as well in white, opalite, and clear matrixes. The
chips are a wide variety of materials, these are probably varieties of new jade. The red
jasper is awesome, and speaks for itself. The starts are unakite, and we have stars in a
variety of materials including pyrite which is perfect for the Christmas holiday season.

These are some of our spacer strands -- rounds of different sizes and materials. There
are mixed dyed agates, ore writing rock, new white jade, amber chips, and such.
PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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