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This is the letter I wrote immediately after the second court appearance.



Jul 21, 2006, 12:54 AM

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This is the letter I wrote immediately after the second court appearance. Can't Post

The officer was a no-show for the first court appearance. We (my attourney and I) assumed he heard about the charges being filed against him, and needed the time to arrange something. Of course, it's ok for the police officer to not show, but if I didn't show, I'd have been thrown in jail.

This is the first inequity of the system. A rogue (or any) police officer has virtually unlimited resources, and the entire weight of the system at his disposal to make his victims life, miserable, and to threaten and harrass them and their family and friends.

Remember that.


(I wrote this shortly after my 2nd court appearance to defend myself from the police officer Ė not the crime committed against me. I had not sent this until June 19th, when I had no choice but to decide to fight, and risk everything, or compromize my own morality and the honor of all those who fought and died for our freedoms.)

May 28th, 2006

Dear Mr Costa,

I thank you for your initial interest in my case, and I wonder if that interest continues into what is going on now.

The officer who assaulted me, and mis-handled the situation, then filed charges against me. None of the charges mention his belittling, insults, and verbal abuses. They donít mention the fact he came after me after I backed away from him. They donít even mention that he showed no compassion for the injuries he caused on the scene, and in fact suggested that the EMTís further teach me a lesson.

I was finger printed, arrested, and threatened with jail time again by this officer. He threatened me, menaced me Ė hand on gun Ė with ďgoing directly to jail nowĒ despite the judgeís decision to ROR me.

Since when are police judge, jury and executioner? They _are_ the law, nothing else. When they betray that law, they need to be punished to the strictest interpretation of that law. They should not be allowed to abuse their position and uniform into harassing people into pleading guilty to things they did not do, just to avoid incarceration.

This is what is going on in our communities daily.

This is what you need to address if you want the communities to stand behind you.

The high profile cases are a single officerís or supervisorís bad judgment.

But, the daily abuses, the threats, harassment, and abuse of the uniform are what need to stop.

Officers should not be allowed to charge VICTIMS OF THE CRIMES with a crime! But, since no statement was taken from me, despite 2 911 calls, I guess I was not the victim of a crime, since itís not on the police ledgers. A sergeant was also called to the ER to take a statement, but refused.

I should not have to pay $3000 to get a lawyer to defend myself from the POLICE OFFICER!

How many people in the various communities can do that? They take the plea to a lesser charge, and then distrust, and fear the police from then on!

I have talked with hundreds of people in the past 3 months, and this is wide spread, not just in working class or working class neighborhoods, but in the well-heeled, 2-3 car garage sets in the suburbs. They do NOT call the police when they are robbed or victimized, because they get victimized again by the police.

My wife is having nightmares of the police coming to take me away. My children, one of whom is special needs, and who weíve depended on the police to bring back to us a dozen time, is now fearing the police and that endangers her life. She will run from them, rather than see them as protection.

I could not write this letter going into the Memorial Day weekend, seeing the faces of my kids, and the knowledge of what those who fought and died for our freedoms would be feeling if they saw the state of our city today. They fought to protect us from tyranny from abroad, slavery from within, and now we are being victimized and held hostage by our own police force. A sad legacy for America.

Mr Costa, everyone who has talked with me said you are trying to make a difference.

Here is one way you can.

Take a look at how out of hand this has become, and see if the officerís actions were proper, moral or even legal.

Did he use bad judgment, then abuse his position to protect that error in judgment. Are other officers doing the same thing? If you take this case, you might find out just how many others are doing it!

If he had apologized for pushing me, showed compassion at the scene for the injuries, and tried to make it right, I would not be pursuing this. It would have been bad judgment, not assault or abuse.

But, that is not in any stretch what happened.

This is now affecting my family, deeply. They are afraid I will not only go to jail, but from this officerís actions not make it out of jail.

The worst part about this is that no one ever sees it. The media doesnít track it. Itís not glamorous. And everyone who is a victim lives in fear of a police drive-by (after all they have the guns!) There is no one on the side of the victims, all the silent victims of the threats and harassment Ė verbal and menacing.

Think Iím being dramatic or over paranoid? Just ask the middle-class communities, not even the lower SES communities that are usually associated with this sort of problem.

Ask my wife what this is doing to her!

I went out for some late night supplies. I was robbed, assaulted, injured, hospitalized and will probably need major neurosurgical correction. I was then arrested, fingerprinted and threatened with incarceration.

All for being robbed and calling the police for help.

If I had just said, ďOk, I was robbedĒ and went home, none of that would have happened. I made the mistake of calling the police for help! Now *I* am threatened with jail time? Or worse.

This is the message our communities see every day.

Crime is on the rise because of it, and those who are supposed to be protecting us are failing in their jobs.

When this happens, a person only sees the uniform. Not the person in it. Itís your job to separate out those individuals who are failing in their duty to the public trust and to show the communities itís NOT the uniform, only a few people who are PUBLICALLY AND PROPERLY punished. That is the most important action of all.

I have written 20 pages since my court hearing on the 24th. This is what I am sending you, hoping itís short enough you will read it.

I will be posting the rest on-line.

Our city needs your help. I need your help. My children need your help. Donít fail us. I will not plead down, or plead guilty to something I didnít do. That is a lie, the wrong example to my children, and a disgrace to everyone who wore a uniform and died for our freedoms. I canít do it.
Oh, as a PS, the DA takes my riteous anger at being robbed, assaulted, and injured, then arrested, fingerprinted and threatened with incarceration as needing professional help! I am a physician! My anger is justified. It has a real cause, and a real reason. Itís not pathological. If I was NOT angry, I would be mentally ill.

This is the final ďscrewĒ the system uses to justify itís out of control actions. If you get angry, or mad, you are obviously a problem so the officer was justified.

Itís a canít win, self-serving system that the officers use to protect themselves, and terrorize the community. And remember, the cop is the one who takes down the witness names (or not). They are the ones who write up a report that becomes ďfactĒ whether itís actually true or not. They are just people, not above the law, not below it. When in uniform, they ARE the law. When they betray that, they need to feel the weight of the law in itís heaviest form.

We, as a community, need your help.

Donít fail us.

Robert S. Pataki, MD
President, PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc.
Father, Husband, and resident of Pittsburgh.

PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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