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A bit of a gripe about other "forums"



Mar 26, 2003, 1:41 AM

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A bit of a gripe about other "forums" Can't Post

Seems there are problems with some other "forums." When you don't agree with the "majority" you get censored. My posts - bead related - have been deleted from another system, by the forum hosts.

Apparantly, people prefer to run around in ignorance, glad handing one another, rather than trying to get accurate, true and factual information.

Many people post "information" that is only speculation, their improper memories, or pure opinion as "fact." They never take the time to look up their information, only repeat stuff they heard -- like the party game "telephone."

This is a "vent" of sorts, since no one had the guts to tell me they were removing my posts, and censoring the forums. Wonder how much else they do??

That will never happen here. I have run on-line forums since 1983, on virtually every major on-line system prior to the "Internet.". Since the Internet, I have run my own systems, since 1992/1993 approximately.

You have the *RIGHT* to express your ideas, opinions, and even completely inaccurate material -- provided you do so in a matter that allows disagreement, and discussion.

Of course, you need to follow the rules, and "play nice." No _SPAM_, no personal attacks (that is where most forums break down!) and no completely off-topic postings. Keep your posts on-topic to the various message areas.

As for personal attacks -- avoid the words "you", avoid challenging someones post directly, or calling them names, insulting them, or belittling them to build yourself up -- or just cause trouble. If you have a dissenting idea you are free to post it, just not as an attack against someone elses posted idea.

Some very simple rules that keep things going smoothly, even in "rough" times.

If people *NEED* an area to vent, to talk about things that *are* off-topic, or just express things that are building up inside them, there are other forums, or, with proper consideration, I can set up a topic for "Flames and Fumes". Message threads will be expunged there after about 30 days, so no old flames will be dredged up and re-ignited after they are done.

Your suggestions are welcome, and this topic is postable. You can reply to threads, such as this, but can't start new ones. If you need to start a new thread, use one of the existing topics below.
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New User

Mar 28, 2003, 11:54 AM

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Re: [pugdog] A bit of a gripe about other "forums" [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank-you! I have always enjoyed your posts. I usually don't respond to a question unless I know the answer, or have a strong opinion.

I have found forums that are much different than the one you speak of. These forums are friendly and generous but, if you ask for a critique of your work, you need to be ready to have your work picked apart and reassembled! It is all done with kindness but, when a student asks the teachers will offer some very good suggestions.

The forum you speak of has a couple of long time members that have been on my "block/ignore" list from my second visit. I know that you've run across them and have been their target on more than one occasion.

Thank-you for offering another place for me to find the answers to some of my many questions.



Mar 29, 2003, 12:51 AM

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Re: [janelf] A bit of a gripe about other "forums" [In reply to] Can't Post


Nice to know there is at least one other soul out there not afraid to chime in :)

I know there are nice forums :) But, I really haven't found any other beading forums, with a general appeal. I've looked around, and most have been targeted to one purpose or another. I'd like this to be a pretty general area.

While this forum is obviously an off shoot of our shop, only the "Announcements" area is really for shop use, the rest is general beading. With no pop-pups, or other distractions, some minor plugging of our other sites and offerings is about all we'll do, but it's necessary. Once we are in full swing (hopefully soon) all 3rd party agency advertising will be pulled, and only our own internal advertising, and "partners" advertising will be anywhere on any of our sites.

I actually got a bit offended by some of the topics being shown from other areas as I logged in to that forum on more than one occaision. I promise it won't happen here! If it's not bead (or related craft) related, it won't be here! (Pugs don't count <G> as they are our mascots.)

I think I also have some great software running, with the flexibility of adding in features as needed. Many new features are planned, and are being hashed out here, and in the programming forums. I hope to be able to link all the bead/crafts related forums under one logon shortly, and we'll have about 20 bead/rock/paper/fiber type sites all accessible from the same logon. These include AboutCrystals.com, AboutRocks.com, OurFossils.com, Origami.net, MiniPrintables.com, MiniatureDimensions.com, DollhouseHospital.com, BetterBeads.com, BetterBeading.com, BeadBanter.com, BeadsOnWheels.com, BeadTalk.com, KnotSpot.com, KnotEasy.com/ItsKnotHard.com, BeadWatch.com, SeedBeadies.com, BeadieCritters.com, PonyBeading.com, and many others, each with a targeted theme and a niche message (content).

I am collating my posts from the past 3 weeks, and will be posting them here, since many of them had really good references to things like chain mail, chinese knotting, and much more (fortunately I cc myself all my posts <G>).

I've been asked to do some chinese knotting classes, but I'm not sure I'm any better than the potential students.

One project I'm hoping to get on-line this week, is http://BeadsByTheFoot.com :) After all the talk about barefoot sandles, toe rings, and ankle bracelets, I figure I'll set up one spot for some good links, galleries, and ideas (and a bit of humor).

Thanks for speaking up :)
PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

New User

Oct 2, 2020, 10:28 PM

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Re: [pugdog] A bit of a gripe about other "forums" [In reply to] Can't Post

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