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Bead Exchange Update




Aug 10, 2005, 12:22 PM

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Bead Exchange Update Can't Post

The Bead Exchange has been one of our more popular services for a long time. We've recently have had a bunch of people from out of town bring in their bead stash to trade or barter for new items.

We love it :)

For pony beads, and plastic beads, we'll do even exchanges, for colors you need. We don't do a lot of traffic in plastic beads, so these beads are for even exchanges only. We can't guarantee colors we'll have in stock, but they do rotate as people trade in sizes and colors. We have a huge chest of mixed beads and will often swap mixed beads for mixed beads, as long as the mix is "even" in kinds and colors, or adds variety to our existing mix.

Seed beads can be traded for similar amounts of similar beads (japanese for japanese, czech for czech). We reserve the right to limit quantities and colors, and discount trade-in value for quantities or packange, etc. The goal is to let you finish your projects by expanding your available colors, not "cashing in" your deal on 1 kilo of fire-engine red beads. 1-kilo of bulk [Chinese] beads can be anywhere from $10-30, but once put into 10gram or 20 gram tubes, the value/cost is as much as $75 (labor, packaging, etc).

Gemstone beads are evaluated for color, quality, desirability, etc. Trades can vary similar retail value for retail value, or if you are trading in higher valued materials for a variety of lesser materials, trades can be quite generous. Similarly, or inversely, if you are trading a lot of lower grade materials for higher grade, there is a discount applied.

Glass beads (Czech, Indian, etc) we'll trade on a case by case basis. The quality and variety of these beads vary widely, so we need to evaluate each trade.

Craft store type beads are always discounted significantly, since they are common, and available to most people. In short, they don't move out of our store once they move in :)

The bead exchange is really for people who have bought kinds and colors of beads they *thought* they would use, or they bought two strands, and only needed one, but their interests, tastes, or such have changed. Rather than looking at your bead stash, and saying "I can't buy any more beads!" but still not finding any inspiration in what you have, we offer you the chance to "recycle" or "exchange" them for beads that will interest you, without "buying more" beads.

For many people, this has been just the creative inspiration they needed!

Sometimes, their trade ins have been *exactly* what other people have been looking for for a long time.

We would like to institute some "Bead Swaps", maybe the bead brunches should be "swap meets" ?? That would give people the ability to meet and exchange/trade beads. (NO SELLING!) You'd be able to share your beads, find out what other people like and want, and maybe build up some good trading circles for when you travel (or the other swappers travel!) If there was an active trading circle, you'd be able to take a chance on those beads you just love, but aren't quite sure you'll use -- but you just don't want to pass them up. If you can't use them, you would feel confident you could swap them.

After all, beads have been swapped and traded, and used for money for millenia.

Let us know.
PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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