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Does "ART" need an introduction?



Feb 5, 2005, 6:43 AM

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Does "ART" need an introduction? Can't Post

This message and others, were deleted from another forum, because the host didn't like me, and it was "HER" forum. But, it asks some important questions, and is something to think about. I posted it here, and in http://beadhell.com -- so if your opinions run strong, you might want to reply to it there.


There have been a lot of nasty things said about "artists" in a closed thread, and a few other random messages.

It's really obvious, listening to the various posts, what the poster's own bias is, and what part of the country they are in.

Sometimes it seems to be jealousy, that someone is doing better than they are, with what they consider "inferior" products. But that's life. Learning to sell yourself, and your art, is part of being successful. Trying to build yourself up by tearing others down, is a very, very cheap means of attention getting. Usually, the rubble ends up falling on you, and burying you after awhile.

There also seems to be a lot of superficial demands by a large segment of the "jewelry" population. Specifically, what does the artist look like, what is their "statement", do they have a professional website, etc. Everything BUT what really matters. Do they have talent, and does their work look good. It doesn't have to inspire you, move you, or be held up to be the next Mona Lisa. It just has to be nice to look at -- after all, that is what jewelry is about. If someone would wear it, then it's good. If you wouldn't wear it, that does not make it "bad."

When it comes to art, the art has to speak for itself. If someone has to speak for it, either via a blurb, artists statement, a photograph of the artist, or anything else (like a gallery promo), it is severely lacking in it's own merit.

I don't care if the artist is a blind midget with one leg who paints with their 5 remaining toes while doing a handstand. I don't use that to qualify what is "art." I would say it's an accomplishment for that severely handicapped person, but it might not be "art" or art worth preserving.

Once you start getting artists statements, you start jumping into the realm of, quite frankly, bull shit. If you have come up with something to sell your work, then the work can't stand on it's own. Art needs to stand on its own. It needs to make its own statement. If it requires commentary, than it's editorial material.

I don't criticize someone for selling items at 10x what I could get for them. If they can get that price, all the better for them. PT Barnum was one of the wisest men of the last century. I do get upset over inaccurate facts and ego or opinion expressed as fact.

If the jewelry, or artwork, was unearthed 1000 years from now, would it be unable to speak for itself? Would it need to have a letter of explanation attached to it before anyone could appreciate it? If it did, it would not really have been worth unearthing. It wouldn't be art, it would simply be a product.

There are times when a work of art may need an explanation for full appreciation, such as something created in response to an event, or a memorial. But those are the exceptions, and a truly strong piece would need no introduction, or could stand on the merit of simply being included in a show with a certain theme.

When you go to a museum, and stare at the old masters, do you have to read about them in order to appreciate them? Usually, the paintings move you to find out more about the artist, and their other works, but that is not required to stand in awe at the talent, or vision, of the people who's work ended up on the walls.

Knowing who they are is NOT required to appreciate their art -- you already have -- but to maybe get a better understand of what they were about. If the painting doesn't move you, reading about the artist isn't going to make you like their stuff any better.

The statement made about there not being enough criticism on these boards, or in life, is probably true. We don't act honestly when evaluating something. We either don't want to hurt feelings, or we have a hidden motive of our own. It's rare to find a truly objective reviewer. The reasons for not being objective can vary from jealousy, to greed, ignorance or disinterest.

Our society has created a whole generation afraid to speak their minds, because it's not politically correct, and might offend someone. Like the straight jacketed teddy bear, being an insult to crazy people. http://enoughbullshit.com Not everyone can win. Some people are better at some things than others, and it isn't going to change just by being nice, or playing games without winners, or other such BS.

Just some observations about art.


Dec 26, 2022, 6:49 AM

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Re: [BadBoyOfBeading] Does "ART" need an introduction? [In reply to] Can't Post

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