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Sept 18th - CPRB first draft - long version.




Sep 18, 2006, 9:01 AM

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Sept 18th - CPRB first draft - long version. Can't Post

On Sept 18th, there is/was a hearing by the CPRB (Citizen Police Review Board) at the City County Building at 6pm.
I was invited, due to my pending complaint. 3 minutes is not a lot of time to explain or make a point, so this is the long version of what I want to say.
NOTE: Sept 18th: In light of Bush's lobbying for torture and disreguard of the Genoeva Convention, I changed my speech. The new version will be posted before I leave.


I could talk solely about how brutalized and humiliated I was. But I'm doing that on-line, in court and hopefully through the media.
This issue goes much further than me, and the more time that goes by, the more stories I hear, and the more I realize how in jeapardy our
city, communities, and individual freedoms are.

Everyone worries about the millitia, terrorists, or the military taking over.

Sure, that could happen. But we already have been taken over by terrorists. Supposdedly not only
working for us, but have their primary purpose and reason for being to protect and serve the community that empowered them. Who are they?
They wear blue and carry a badge.

"To protect and serve."

They terrorize us every time they make a bogus traffic stop.
They terrorize us every time they abuse their power in even the smallest manner.
They terrorize us for the simple reason they can, and the system not only allows it, but encourages it.

This board has heard the stories -- some of them, from people not scared enough -- or stupid enough -- to come forward. Others, from what
they have read in the papers about brutalized or murdered "suspects."

But, and it's a big one: what about all the people who are victimized, brutalized and terrorized on a daily basis who do not come
forward for fear of the their own safety or the safety of their families?

More directly, what sort of retribution will I (and those others here) suffer being here and filing my papers with the CPRB?

What about those bogus traffic stops? Perhaps even a fatal drive by or accident on a late night road? Or, less dramatically, just the fraudulently filed paperwork that by the simple act of being filed by a Police Officer now becomes a recorded fact no one challenges, the system acts on, and the victim is presumed guilty -- and subject to the full force of the "law" -- without recourse? Sure, theycan challenge, and if they can afford the costs in time, lost work, threats, harrassment and COSTS in money, they can try to fight it. The police officer has to do NOTHING. They don't even have to show up.

I have not officially filed because of the horror stories I've been told by others. The police have the guns. The police have the computers. They have the ability to harrass, alter or avoid evidence, and they have the presumption of law on their side.

We are in a police state. The police can make random stops and kill you for no reason.

They have, and they continue to do so here, and around the country.

They do not get punished for it.

The people know it, and it creates a seething anger and fear of the police that one day will explode. Like Road Rage, it's there, seething beneath the surface of society, just waiting for the right trigger, fuse or even a small spark to ignire.

One of the stories I was told, even suggests that organized crime avoids the police because of this, suffering indignities imposed on their families and children as long they end up safe. Sublimating their anger over these abuses that are not related to the "business" in any way. Should the police accidentally cross the line in this area, this city will explode in a way that makes LA look like a simple New Years Eve's party. If you do not see that, or think that, you have no idea how deeply and seriously this problem goes. If Organized Crime fears the police not because they are the law, but because of their abuses of power, Constutional Rights, and even basic human rights doled out with the blessings of the "System" we have a serious problem.

In my case, I have a problem BECAUSE I called 911. I was robbed, assualtd, but was only truely victimied and injured once the police showed up, BY THE POLICE.

Let's jump to the part AFTER he came at me and threw me backwards over the wall. While I lay there screaming in pain, unable to move, you would
have expected SOME sort of decent human reaction. It didn't happen. In fact, rather than admitting his error in jugement, he filed charges against
me for the injuries and pain HE CAUSED me!

He did not use any of the normal human feelings or reactions to see if he had hurt someone.

He did not use his mandate to protect and serve to see if he had hurt me, or if he had erred and acted rashly.

He did not do anything a normal, decent human being would have.

What he did do was belittle and humilate me.

What he continued to do was threaten me, and cause me further harm through those actions.

What he said was "I've seen girls handle it better." What? Being brutalized and crippled?

What he said many times "If he doesn't do this he'll be spending the night in jail." For what? Calling 911?

Two months later, in the court house, he again advanced on me with his hand on his gun, threatening to send me to jail "right now". Under what purview?
Under what law had I broken? I had been released ROR by a JUDGE. What right did a patrolman have to make up the laws and dish out judgement?

This threat of incarceration was despite the fact I was out on ROR by judges' order.

This threat was in front of my attourney, and the DA, who was actually egging the officer on.

What RIGHT did this officer have to threaten me, advance on me with his gun, or to try to intimidate me in that way with the blessing of the DA?

Police are NOT judge, jury and executioner, but this cop, is acting like one -- a John Wayne or vigilante justice.

Corruption runs deep in this system from the top down.
Corruption is not only graft and kickbacks, though that is what immediately comes to mine.
Corruption is a disturbance or disruption from the normal or proper state of being.

I am here because I called the police, something my friend, family and even strangers who I've told this to have said I was stupid to do.

They say "Never call the police."
They say the police are worse than the criminals.
They tell me call the police and you'll be victimized twice.

This is so wrong, there are no words -- or even concepts to encompass it.

This was not one person.
It was not two people.
It was not even a handful.
It was EVERYONE I've talked with says that.

If I had just chaulked my loss up to living in the city, and avoided the police and 911, I would have been fine.

I would not have spent a night in the ER.

I would not have been brutalized, humiliated, and injured.

I would not have thousands in legal expenses defending myself from the POLICE!

I would not be facing possible jail time for being victimized by robbers and the system.

This is no longer America. It's not the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

It's the land of the victimized. The land of the terrorized. The home of rising corruption and falling rights.

This board needs to make a start, and take our city back from the police.

The police need to be under DAILY review, and all actions accounted for.

The police do NOT need free hand, free reign, or any other such rot to protect us from ourselves.

The police ARE the law, they are not judges, juries, or on-site executioners. They are simply, the Law.

If they break the law, they should be punished to it's fullest extent.

Anyone in uniform who betrays that uniform, or the public trust that empowers that uniform should be punished. It is treason against the people,
and should be dealt with as harshly.

And, I am not limiting that punishment.

The police have guns, and should be punished with their guns.

Court Marshalled, and excuted if they are found guilty. They are in uniform. They are in a para-Military organization. They should be held to the same standards.

Right now the police are not accountable to anyone, even the people they are chartered to serve.

We, are, in effect, paying for and funding our own terrorists and jailers.

And, as an example, here in Pittsburgh, our own quiet little "safe" town, we have this angry, armed, sociopath in blue with a badge roaming our streets.

Sociopath: Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal. Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others.
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Nov 1, 2022, 6:31 AM

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Re: [pugdog] Sept 18th - CPRB first draft - long version. [In reply to] Can't Post

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