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Special Request - For a child



Dec 15, 2004, 10:57 PM

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Special Request - For a child Can't Post

It's not often we post family matters here, or put our kids on the internet, but we've had something come up that maybe the bead/craft community at large can help with.

We have a special needs child, who just underwent a knee repair surgery. Regulars to our shop know it's no secret, and have followed her/our ups and downs over the past years. Some progress, major set backs, major heart breaks, and some hope for a better future.

It's going to be a long road to being out of the cast, and off crutches, especially since hyperactivity is one of her issues, and activity/sports/running/etc was one of the few ways she could burn off her excess energy and calm down. So, this is going to be really tough on her -- and the staff, and us.

Also, for the first time, she isn't going to be home with us for the holidays, as it has been in the past.

It's already tough on mom, so it's doubly tough on me.

She's very creative, drawing, beading, now crocheting, and other stuff. She's going to have to learn more "quiet" time activities. Some of her beaded earrings have been in local shops, and sold through our store. We have some pictures of them (not good pictures, they were taken quickly one day, during another "crisis"), on her site http://EarringsByAmanda.com


This is a much better picture, of a set she made for a friend's birthday, just about a year ago. (SO MUCH can happen in a year.....)


She has an eye for mixing colors and shapes you would not normally think of mixing, but it all works. She's really very visual, and often describes things in terms of color or touch. Sometimes, I think she "sees" or even "thinks" in colors, rather than words... but that's another story.

I was wondering, if any of you could maybe drop her a card, along the lines of our "Cheer Up And Bead" idea.

http://CheerUpAndBead.com is developing, slowly. Beading brightens the day, in several ways. When you make it, when you wear it, when you give it, when you think about it :)

We aren't asking for donations or gifts (in fact that might be a *bad* thing in the larger scheme of things). She's certainly not neglected, or "needing" of anything as so many other kids are. Just something that could brighten up a *young* 14 year olds day. Pretty much just visually appealing, encouragement cards. She loves wolves, if you are looking for an image different from beads. Please also sign them in some anonymous way -- "A Bead Friend" or "Another Wolf Lover", etc. She loves helping other kids, and she is a good reader, and feels sorry for children who don't have things. Making a donation of a toy for a needy child in her name would be wonderful. If you were going to do that anyway, you could do twice the good with one gift.

We are always open for suggestions on what to do with her as she recovers, since it will get progressively worse with the pain, the inactivity, and the limited understanding or ability to percieve the "future" over the now.

You can send cards/wishes to her c/o our shop. Anything is greatly appreciated.

PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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Jul 19, 2020, 2:27 PM

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Re: [pugdog] Special Request - For a child [In reply to] Can't Post

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