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vy eyes were sudd


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May 14, 2020, 6:24 PM

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The rainy season in Xiamen is coming soon. After several torrential rains, the air is fresher, the leaves are green, and the flowers are red. The phoenix wood beside the road also bloomed brightly red flowers, as if large swaths of red clouds fell on the treetops. And in this beautiful season, Teacher Cheng led us into the world of the blind and experience the life of the blind. "Everyone lined up, we have to start! The starting point is the library entrance, and the ending point is your own seat. At the order of Teacher Cheng, I quickly covered the eyes with everyone with a red scarf. 'S big hand pushed into the vast abyss, and it seemed to come to the dark kingdom, watching the darkness flow like tide, swept away the last light in my eyes [url=http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/]Marlboro Lights, and occupied my eyes. My heart was terrified: in case of a knock What should I do if I fall? What if I fall? At this time, the people around are full of voices. Everyone is talking excitedly: "Who are you? "You stepped on my foot!" "What is this ..." My "Blind Journey" began. My eyes were suddenly dark, I could not see anything, and timidity and fear spread in my heart. Because of some fear, I reached out and explored the way. My hands are desperately grabbing the air like the feet of an octopus, hoping to catch some clues. My feet move slowly, and I am really scared step by step, my heart rises to my throat every step of the way. Suddenly, A stagger: "Ouch, what is this? No matter, go first. "So, I rubbed my twisted feet, settled, and continued to move forward. At this time, I touched a hard and tall cylinder: this should be a pillar! Where can I go now? At this time [url=http://www.buyusacigarettes.com/]Marlboro Red, I was like "a blind man riding a blind horse-it's hard to walk in inches." "Who knows where the door is?" "I whispered quietly. But no one took care of me. Alas, God bless me, I don't want the last one. My heart beats. At this moment, I heard a voice:" Far from the horizon, near in front of me. " . "Is the door in front? I fumbled forward:" Ah! Really the door. I moved into the classroom, and I couldn't help but feel a hint of rapture: That's great, I will be able to return to my seat soon. I lowered my waist and groped with my hands. Suddenly, I kicked a soft thing. "Ah!" A familiar voice rang in my ears. Oh, it turned out to be Tang Jiawei! Alas, finally found a savior. He is my Dinghaishen needle. He sits in the third row, I just need to go back three rows. So, I quickly walked forward, although many people put "smog bombs" on the road (of course I was shot), but after many setbacks, I finally returned to my own seat "without incident". At this point [url=http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/]Carton Of Cigarettes, I was relieved and took off the red scarf. Looking greedily at the red and green world outside the window, looking at the cute smiling faces of the students around me ... I suddenly felt that the world has become beautiful, and the smiling faces of the students are also cute. Although the activity has ended, it deeply impressed me To the hardship of the blind. Therefore, we must cherish and protect our eyes and make our "window of soul" brighter.
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