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dances happily in t



Apr 29, 2020, 7:45 PM

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Look, some cute little stars blinked in the sky, waiting for the bright moon to appear, as if they wanted to play games with the beautiful moon. The sky was completely dark [url=http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/]Newport 100S, and the moon rose slowly from the east. Although it was very white and beautiful, the children's cries and shouts made the moon sister shy. So she hid. She came out later in the night. The night was getting deeper and the children were all home. Only then did the moon secretly run out, shining on the motherland's land and adding light to the earth. Late at night, the bright moon came out completely. At night, even people's footsteps can be heard, and the animals have started to go home. After a busy day, the little bee returned to his home with the moonlight. The cute puppy entered the sweet dream under the gentle gaze of the moon sister, and the beautiful bird was enjoying the beautiful moon with her mother color. However, there is a small animal that has neither returned home nor listened to the song, nor has it fallen asleep. Who is it? What is it doing? It is the little musician Cricket, it is accompaniment to Sister Moon! You hear, they are accompanied by high and low accompaniment here, and Sister Moon sings beautiful songs with the accompaniment, adding endless fun to the silent night. The night was already deep, and the white moon hung high in the sky. The moon is singing softly. You see, the willow girl dances gracefully under the moon. Poplar swings his arms and dances happily in the autumn wind. At this time, when you take a walk, you will smell a fragrance from afar, "Wow! It smells so good!" Beauty under the moon ". But all the credit goes to the moon, because it is the moon that gives it its fragrance [url=http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/]Cheap Cigarettes. Besides, if there is no moon, will this sweet-scented osmanthus be as perfect? There is another unknown plant under the moon. Who is it? He is a clover. Whenever we admire osmanthus, we always forget the clover adorned with osmanthus, but it has no complaints. Under the shine of the moon, it adds a beauty to nature, brings fresh air to mankind, willingly sacrifices itself, beautiful others are late at night, and beautiful moon roams in the sky. The laughter and laughter of the children are gone, but the family is brightly lit, what are people doing? People enjoy moon cakes while eating moon cakes. The moon seemed to be magical, and even the restless hearts of the children calmed down. The old people are looking at the moon, silently making their own wishes. The phrase "The sea rises to the moon, and the world is at this time" is right. Right, every time a round of the moon rises, people in the world will think of their loved ones and intimate friends, and they will miss their loved ones in the distance What it really means is "moon is speechless, people are sentimental. Ah! Beautiful moon, you are the magical messenger [url=http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/]Carton Of Cigarettes, you are our patron saint, you are the symbol of peace and unity, we will always remember your beauty, your legend story
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