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Apr 29, 2020, 7:45 PM

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My hometown is not a prosperous big city, nor is there any lively big street, just an ordinary small village. Although my hometown is not as prosperous as the city and there is no bustling street, it is the most beautiful in my mind. The river in front of my hometown is the most beautiful. The river flows gurgling all year round, and the river is crystal clear. You can see that many small fish and prawns are spitting and roaring in the river, jumping out of the water from time to time, or reaching out of their heads, or swimming happily ... Every summer , We will all put her arms to play, swim ... how carefree it is! But Xiaohe always likes to tease us. He often splashes waves, and wets my hometown. The mountains on the back and the river opposite are the most beautiful. Staggered one by one: there are mountains and steep mountains; one circle surrounds: there are near and far, one circle is higher than one circle. Although the trees on the mountain vary in length, they are green, and they are simply green oceans, which are extremely beautiful. What admires me most is the row of millennium ancient maples that has been called the "tree fairy" by the side of the village road. They have stood by the road at the entrance of the village all year round to guard our entire village. Those trees are like giants, like guards in our hometown. Those ancient maple trees are tall and tall: the height is higher than the five-story building; the thickest tree needs five adults at waist to hug it. It is said to be "God" because: Dafan passers-by, as long as you pass by this place, as long as you raise your head to witness these maple trees, you will naturally pay homage to these trees. Listening to the old man in Murakami, there were a few outsiders who passed by this place very early and long ago. Seeing the Maple Fairy not only did not pay tribute to the Maple Fairy, but he was also anticipatory and wanted to take the opportunity to attack the people in the village. Don't want to, Fengzhi suddenly swayed, and the wind suddenly rose from the ground, and the river waved up ... The gangster saw the situation badly, and quickly rushed away. Later, in order to commemorate the fairy of the maple tree, the people of our village built a small wooden cabin under the maple tree that resembles a human being [url=http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/]mokingusacigarettes.com. At the festive season, we have to give the gift of the festival to the fairy of the maple tree; The rainy years or seasons are even more amazing. As long as we have a good day, bring a little gift of offering, and come to worship under the big tree, we can really ask for rain and wind. The wind, even people in the village have a cold, the maple fairy can also protect ... Another legend is that our ancestors were originally named Feng, and those ancient maple trees were planted by our old ancestors called "Mr. Feng". During his later migration, the Feng family was unable to settle down after several twists and turns [url=http://www.webvipsmoking.com/]Online Cigarettes, so the surname of "Maple" was changed to the surname of "Jiang"; after changing his surname to Jiang, he moved to this place again, and the Jiang family did everything. Therefore, Jiang's ancestors specifically renamed this place "Jiangjia". In order to commemorate the Maple Fairy, and in order to obtain the continued protection of the Maple Fairy for generations, the Jiang family built a small temple under the maple. Every New Year's Day, the descendants of the Jiang family will bring gifts and come to this small temple to worship the Maple Fairy and thank the Maple Fairy. This custom is still followed today. This is our lovely and beautiful hometown-Jiangjia Village [url=http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/]Newport 100S, Linshan Township, Kaihua County
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