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peakable poetry. This


Anonymous Poster

Jan 7, 2020, 6:17 PM

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peakable poetry. This Quote | Reply

There is a text in the "Enlightened Mandarin Textbook" of the Republic of China: "Three cows eat grass [url=http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/]mokingusacigarettes.com, one sheep does not eat grass, it looks at flowers." A simple sentence like this, but full of fun. Why is that sheep so interesting? It does not know how to graze like other livestock, but it also appreciates the beauty of flowers. This happy and romantic sheep really gives us a lively lesson: living should not be as simple as being full, but on the basis of fullness, there should be a bit of preference and pursuit, and enjoy the higher level of fullness This kind of life is full of joy. But in life, too many people only know how to work hard for food and clothing, or tired to live better and eat better. We pay too much attention to material acquisition and enjoyment, and often ignore more and more interesting things than material. The pursuit of the spiritual world is not utilitarian and lies entirely in freedom. Many of us are doing repetitive work. Without a spiritual life, people will be confused, empty, dull, and in a state of incomprehension. On the basis of ordinary life, you can build a glorious spiritual castle for yourself, and one can live as a sheep watching flowers. It looked at the flowers, so life was fragrant and life was colorful. You see, flower beauty, grass green, sky blue, how good a person can live forever, there are countless ways, one that is particularly enviable, I call it an aesthetic life. One day many years ago, a friend came to find Gaffa, a friend proposed drinking coffee, Gaffa proposed to go to the theater, and the two went into the theater. My friend didn't like the scene, he said it was too noisy, and turned around, but found that Gaffa was full of tears. He said the play was too beautiful. Gaffa was studying for a PhD while teaching at an art school in London. The play he watched came from China and was called Peking Opera. He went to the backstage to find the leader and said he wanted to learn Peking Opera. Then he resolutely quit his well-paid job and did not need a degree. He came to Beijing. The 32-year-old grammar has no language [url=http://www.vipusacigarettes.com/]Cigarettes For Sale. He learns martial arts with five- or six-year-olds. He lowers his waist, takes the top, presses his legs, stretches his muscles, and endures the pain of heartbreaking. He lives in an alley, and he smells toilet ... �� The first play, "Sanchakou", a half-hour play, I studied for more than a year. When I first performed at the Workers Club, my hat was dropped three or four times, the band was dropped, and my pants were loose ... ... but none of this changed his mind. Now he is a famous "foreign beauty monkey king" at home and abroad, and "Heavenly Paradise" is his signature show. From the law, think of the Austrian girl rose, beautiful, slender, blonde, like a model. After obtaining a bachelor's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, she went to Mexico, Egypt, Finland, India and other places to study and study. When she came to Hangzhou, China, she did not want to leave. After staying for more than ten years, she obtained a doctorate degree from the Chinese Painting Department of the Chinese Academy of Art. Rose's mentor commented that she "was so profound." At that time, I had a newspaper section. Rose had a column called "Essays for Foreign Students." Her words and sentences always make me stunned, and make me look at everything that is accustomed to my hometown Hangzhou. Phone contacted for a long time and wanted to meet her. I remember there was a good day of sunshine. When I arrived at the agreed place, she was standing there early, with a Chinese style urn and a pair of embroidered shoes. She also likes ancient Kunqu opera. She has learned from the teacher and learned singing tunes that go back and forth. She is more Chinese than I am. What's even more gratifying is that both Gaffa and Rose met Tiancheng's spouse and happy love. Go where you want, learn the beautiful arts, do the things you love [url=http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/]Marlboro Lights, treat the life process as an aesthetic process, the beauty and interest lighten everything like moonlight, and life is full of unspeakable poetry. This is the enviable aesthetic life .
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