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it has also been de



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old man a king in the

Jan 7, 2020, 6:17 PM

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When I was in the office, I developed a habit: I used chopsticks to pierce the disposable lunch box every time I ate the lunch box, in order to prevent the lunch box from being reused by the restaurant. Slowly, this habit has also been deduced to other aspects of life, such as squeezing empty mineral water bottles, spilling leftover meals, tearing the paper on hand, and so on. Until I met Dad Zhang. I crumpled the newspaper I just finished that day, and then stuffed it into the trash can. Then someone rushed out of the oblique stab to stop me and said, "Don't do it!" I took a closer look. It turned out to be neighbor Zhang My father, who recently retired, moved from a small county to live with his son. I smiled and said, "It's useless to keep it after watching it anyway." "It's useless to you." Dad Zhang said seriously, "But it might still be useful to others!" He said, As I took the crumpled newspapers, I spread them one by one on the stone benches of the community and carefully folded them. Then, with some inconveniences, he stumbled to the door of the residential area and placed the newspaper manipulator neatly on the window sill of the delivery room. Soon, those newspapers were scrambled away by people waiting at the door. Dad Zhang proudly said to me: "See, they are still treasures. Besides, they are outdated old newspapers, and they can still sell for money. You put it in a trash bin [url=http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/]Cheap Cigarettes, It is also convenient for people to distinguish them from waste paper when they pick it up. You must know that the price of old newspapers is more expensive than waste paper! "I was a little embarrassed and had to laugh hehe [url=http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/marlboro-gold-online_c4]Marlboro Gold. I don't think I can see that the old man with five beards and thick, shaved beard is quite thin-eyed. Later, I heard rumors about Zhang's father one after another. The daughter-in-law treats him like a weirdo: he has to pick out the clothes that have been thrown into the trash can and clean them, and then put them in a plastic bag. Next to the trash can, he said, "Anyway, there is a washing machine, and it doesn't cost much electricity." The leftovers were packed in a lunch box without any trouble, and he was carefully placed next to the trash can. His grandson's inappropriate clothes and socks were He found out one by one and sent it to the countryside, but also took a lot of postage; once, Xiao Zhang randomly dropped a few toothpicks in a pile of cabbage gangs, but he was forced to pick them up one by one. Daughter-in-law was very dissatisfied and said, "This is not your small county, so the ghost went to look through the trash!" ? "Later, almost everyone in the community knew about Zhang's spleen. The daughter-in-law of the Wang family threw a car chain and he had to pick it up. The children of the Li family smashed a can. He wanted to stop more than one person from joking with Xiao Zhang and said, "Isn't your old man a king in the county? Laughed embarrassedly. People became more and more convinced of this speculation. Later, in a conversation with Dad Zhang, I found out that Dad Zhang was the first college student in that remote mountain village [url=http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/]Carton Of Cigarettes. He had been the head of the factory until he retired. . But he always remembers that in the days of the Great Famine, a bowl of leftovers put in the corner by others saved him and his mother. "I always understand that the child refused to mention these. "He's a little sad and confused." But it's better to be a human being to think for others. Things that are considered waste to us may be useful to others. In this increasingly self-centered "I "Times", if we can remember that there are some other people who are looking forward to it in a corner we do n��t know, think about it for them, and leave them a crumpled newspaper and a smashed can. , A bunch of vegetable gangs without mixed toothpicks, and even a friendly look or smile, maybe this is the true meaning of people living in harmony

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