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Misinformation: Goldstone vs Aventuring



May 14, 2003, 7:09 AM

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Misinformation: Goldstone vs Aventuring Can't Post

This post is too good to waste solely on another site, re: the in depth surf and turf on the confusion between aventurine and goldstone, and even sunstone, perpetrated not only by sales sites, but even by a respectible dictionary!


The below quote started the search for the "truth":

"After all, aventurine glass is often cast in large blocks, shaped by lapidary methods, and marketed as "goldstone" (with the word "glass" often conveniently left off)"

Goldstone was a material made by a 'secret' process by monks. There was the orange/gold, then there was also blue, green and a more red color. Apparantly the chinese (?) have figured out how to make the gold stuff, and it's fairly plentiful on the market the past few years. Blue, green and red is still pretty rare, especially the "original" stuff.

*NONE* of this is aventurine. It's a glass with metallic flakes added, and the real stuff is pretty awesome in it's grade-A form.

Pretty good Info on aventurine: http://www.minerals-n-more.com/Aventurine_Info.html

Here is a site that has some "facts" about aventuring and goldstone: http://www.dandennis.com/aventurine_quartz.htm and if you search, you'll see loads of sites that "authoritatively" confuse the two -- and quite convincingly (most are trying to sell you something).

Seems once someone starts to sell it that way, there is a cascade of mis-information by people who buy it, or see it, then people who buy from them... hmmm sounds like ebay <G>

Doing some more surfing, and research, it seems the confusion goes WAY back,


This dictionary seems to want to play both sides of the field, and try to play on the "accidental" nature of this (the copper falling into the molten glass) by hedging:


French, from aventure, accident (so called because of its accidental discovery or the randomness of inclusions in it). See adventure.

In their "noun" they list:

NOUN: 1. An opaque or semitranslucent brown glass flecked with small metallic particles, often of copper or chromic oxide. 2. Any of several varieties of quartz or feldspar flecked with particles of mica, hematite, or other materials. Also called sunstone.

Well.... I'd have to say it's WRONG <G>. But I'm still looking.

I'd have to say, despite the misinformation out there, and the 'cute' associations people have made between the name and discovery/invention of "goldstone" that, for all practical purposes:

Aventurine: when used alone is green quartz with inclusions of various sorts, and runs a whole range of looks and colors -- including a really good impersonation of jade.

Aventurine: when used with a "color" eg: Blue Aventurine, Green Aventurine, is the same as the above, only describing the predominant color of the quartz with inclusions.

Sunstone: From Oregon, http://www.jewelofjerome.com/pages/PlushDW.htm, this form of transparent feldspar, along with native copper is a gemstone found solely in the United States, in Oregon, and doesn't seem to have any quartz in it at all <G> Oregon's official gemstone as of August 4, 1987. Similar materials are out there, and may have been used by the vikings for navigation (*big* debates, and lots of recent interest in that one). It's closely related to "moonstone", but the oregon stuff is the only variety with the copper, and the good color people want.

Goldstone: Made by monks, secret process, "accidental" discovery (like acrylic, clotting factors [cryoprecipitate], and so many other things in history). It's *NOT* aventurine. It's _GLASS_ not Quartz (crystal), and it does *not* occur naturally as does Aventurine Quartz.

In retrospect, I *really* wonder if ebay is changing the face of recorded history, like rewriting the books in George Orwell's 1984.
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