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Blue Lace & Tourmaline



Dec 31, 2008, 10:40 PM

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Blue Lace & Tourmaline Can't Post

We've gotten in some absolutely UNIQUE and *STUNNING* Blue Lace agate beads. There is no way to describe them, other than STUNNING, AWESOME, DELICIOUS! :)

I haven't seen blue lace like this in a long, long time! Real blues, breath taking banding, and shapes that defy description.

There are rough nuggets, rough cut nuggets, partially faceted/cut nuggets, and standard beads. These are high-grade, by today's standards, probably an A or A-, but in the larger scheme of things, a solid "B" grade, and that is not easy to find!

Most are still stranded, but we'll be selling them individually and in sets, "high graded" as we have the time. But, if you want the best selection, and picks, you can see what we have, and put in your requests :) If you love your blues, you've GOT TO SEE THESE!

Tourmaline! As you know we love tourmaline, especially black nuggets and crystals, and we've gotten in some very, very nice black tourmaline beads, in medium to large facets, perfect for that focal bead.

We've also gotten in a stock of METAPHYSICAL desk/shelf crystals, some cut, some natural, some partially cut, of black tourmaline. These are really nice, and in about 1"-2" inch size up to about 4x4". Priced accordingly, there are a couple of top shelf specimens for any cut crystal collection.

We've also taken a look at our current inventory, and have rounded out some areas that we had not had enough variety in.

For the last year we were open for retail, I had tried to increase the variety and availability of copper beads, findings and focals. People had asked, but it had not been easy. We did what we could, and now have copper ear wires, head pins, beads and clasps.

We are looking at brass, again, as a cheaper alternative to gold, but with a similar bright yellow shine (in the electro-polished) or with the antique look of traditional brass (in the standard polish).

We've gotten in a supply of beads and spacers in both "heavy" solid brass and hollow "light" brass.

The heavy beads hold up well against the gemstones, and heavy beads, while the lighter hollow beads make great earrings and bracelets, and do well with lighter beads, crystals, and even wood and acrylic.

While we are freezing our behinds off, with the first real snow of the season (Nature had to get it in before the end of year....), we need to start thinking about the spring, and getting ready with the light, breezy, pastel and bright colors of coming season.

We've been looking around, and have gotten in a lot of inexpensive gemstone and glass beads, the traditional look and materials everyone has.

We've also started to get some crackle glass beads, and even crackle quartz. For the past 2-3 years there has been an increased interest and variety in them, and while at first look (3-4 years ago) they were brushed off as "cheap" or uninteresting, the winds have changed. They are very popular, very interesting, very sparkley, very light weight, and VERY INEXPENSIVE! They go great with light weight acrylics, hollow metal beads, and even some gemstones. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we've been getting some in in 4, 6, and 8 mm round and bicone, and even some cubes. Prices are FAR BELOW what you'd expect, and FAR BELOW any _similar_ (but not the same) items in the craft shops. (Part of the first shipment never even made it out of the box! I had to re-order before even stocking the first one!)

We want to be your WHOLESALE SOURCE for unique quality beads.

We have minimum purchase requirements, but no bulk requirements -- meaning you can pick different strands and items, with no minimum quantities, and 1 or 2 higher priced items or 100 low priced ones. And, because YOU are picking, you know EXACTLY what you are getting, and you walk out with it in your hands!!

Remember, we'll be open Thursday Evenings, 5-8pm, and one (sometimes 2) saturdays a month, and by appointment.

We constantly search for items we know our regular customers would be interested in, and often find very unique and stunning beads to fill YOUR needs.

We know we can save you money over buying locally. We can probably even save you money over mail/internet ordering -- PLUS we can keep your cash flow healthy by giving you EXACTLY what you want, without extra "bulk" purchases, or "blind" picks that don't meet your needs.

We still offer a "Bead Exchange" for those beads you bought, and thought you'd use, but never could come up with the right design, or for those "extra" beads you bought and have laying around. Your tired old beads may be exactly the "fresh new" beads someone else is looking for!

The more unique and unusual your designs and creative flair, the more you really should stop in and see what we can offer you.

We are a _WHOLESALE_ source, *NOT* a discounter. We generate savings by group buying, bulk buying, careful shopping, cultivating good relationships with vendors, and KNOWING OUR STONES -- not by cutting services or trying to "fake" quality. We offer FULL SERVICE to our customers; many services you never realized existed until you are pleasantly surprised by them. If you are in "business" -- making and selling jewelry, operating a shop that sells jewelry or metaphysical items, or are an advanced crafter looking for quality and unique pieces -- you should be dealing with a wholesaler -- someone who understands your needs, and gets to know what *you* need and are looking for to keep *your* business running smoothly.

One more thing. By limiting our hours, and having "open" appointment times, as well as convenient ones, we limit our overhead considerably. By being open only 10-14 hours a week, not 40-60, we pass those savings on in much lower prices. So, a little planning ahead on your part, can help your bottom line drastically. And, by being a little "off broadway" as it were, we lower our other overhead costs, *AND* with the parking lot next to us, we always have PLENTY OF PARKING (even if it costs a quarter) so you can run in, and run out, and not have to hunt for a spot. This also helps keep YOUR BUSINESS running smoothly :)

Happy, Healthy, SAFE New Year!
PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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