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Trunk Show follow up


May 15, 2007, 3:54 AM

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Trunk Show follow up

The vendor showed up a little late, thanks to our wonderful roadways. We are sorry for the two people who showed up early. There is nothing we could do about it. The vendor didn't arrive until after 3pm, but they did stay much later.

We had hoped more people would show up. They had a wonderful display, and we bought more than we have ever done before!

We got a load of new pearls, some large and some in really nice shades. Nothing gaudy. But a few unusual items did slip in.

We got loads of high-end ocean jasper. I would grade it A/A- on the OLD scale, which by the standards of today would be A+++ grade. The colors are stunning, and the cut is well done. These are 10-12mm facet rounds, some tapered tubes, and coins and waves. We bought just about everything he had in that quality. We cut most of them up for picking and matching color so it's first come, best pick :)

We high-graded a few strands of things we cut up for loose beads, and there are a few strands that the first person to see will luck out on!

We also got in some great new materials we can't even remember the names of, and filled in with some of the things people had been asking for.

A lot of things we got we are cutting up so you can pick accents, focals, and centerpieces rather than trying to work with whole strands of a material. Some of the materials are so varied in color (like ocean jasper) it's hard to work with. You fall in love with it, but making something that is wearable due to the color range is another story.

Unfortunately, they did not have a lot of the smaller beads -- 3-5mm stuff they have had in the past, so we were unable to restock the garnets, tourmalines, and the other *AWESOME* items a few lucky people grabbed up the last time.

We did get some "Black Labradorite" which I'm pretty sure is Larkavite (the stuff they use in office building lobbies, bathrooms and such). It's nice, and I haven't seen in in beads before.

Most of this stuff is going to go fast... and is too varied to try to list. We only got one or two strands of most things -- but this was our largest purchase from them yet.

Hopefully our silver order will arrive this week, and we'll be restocked. We had a run on silver the past 2 weeks, as if the dam broke, and people decided prices aren't coming down and the time was "now".

We are also waiting for our accuflex to come in. We got taken by suprise, and ran out of most sizes. As you know, we offer 2nd level pricing to everyone, every day, regardless of quantity, and that might have had something to do with it :)
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