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Holiday Project Workshops


Nov 21, 2005, 11:35 AM

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Holiday Project Workshops

We have a number of workshops for kids coming up through the holidays.

Check our classes/instruction topic here for more information, or stop by the store.

Projects are available for most ages, from about 5 years on up, and most are suitable for boys and girls. They involve beads, paper, wire, plastic, foamies, and pretty much all sorts of stuff we have laying around.

Most workshops are on the weekends, and we have one planned for Christmas Eve Day, just to break up your routine.

Projects are both general (fall, thanksgiving, winter, etc) and holiday themed, Christmas, New Years, Hannukah.

We have a long, strong, history with mixed media and "out of the box" creativity. Not shake the box, or copy this photo or item, but use the parts and ideas to come up with something of your own. We try to keep the projects useful, not make-work, or busy-work, and we try to use them to teach skills and thinking that can be used in other areas, and built upon for future works.
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