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Pittsburgh Magazine 2005 City Guide


Oct 31, 2005, 1:16 PM

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Pittsburgh Magazine 2005 City Guide

We didn't even know about this until we started to get all sorts of marketing requests for buying copies or plaques of our listing in the guide. I figured it was a scam, but we tried to find a copy of the magazine, and on a back rack of a way-up-north Giant Eagle, we found a copy hiding behind the newer issue. (this was a couple of months ago, end of august or early Sept).

Sure enough, there on page 157, under "Collectibles" we were listed.

Not the sort of thing you write home about, or buy a $300 plaque for the wall, but it's still nice to get noticed, and listed in the Pittsburgh 2000.

We appreciate any listings, and sometimes we don't find them -- or find out about them, but we do like to keep track of them if at all possible.

We have a unique store, and a truly eclectic collection of gift and craft items along with the beads. We stick mostly with traditional hand crafts, not the shake-the-box type of activities. We are in the process of highlighting the craft and mixed-media aspects of jewelry making, beadwork, and modelling/crafting. We'll have the workstations set up, and some craft areas for kids mixing paper, beads, foam and other items. With the closing of Folio Papers, Squirrel Hill lost a great resource for scrap booking and paper crafts. We've always had a small selection of papers, but will try to expand the selection a bit.

We know a lot of you have very mixed interests, from paper crafting and scrap booking, to polymer clay and wire working, as well as traditional beading and beadwork. Our concentration has always been on giving you the parts and tools to create it yourself, not to hand you a ready-done item. We'll continue to do that, offering you more parts and pieces to go with your beads and other hand-craft related interests.

Another fiber store, Knit One, opened up the road, so we are not going to expand into fibers, with two yarn/fiber stores within a few blocks of us.

Old favorites may be closing, or already gone, but new friends are opening up, and this is still a convenient, safe, and friendly area to seek out and satisfy your beading, jewelry making, or fiber arts cravings.
PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop
Pittsburgh, PA 15217