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References to commercial sites/etc


Jun 11, 2003, 11:07 PM

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References to commercial sites/etc

I guess I should state something here about this.

I just posted a message in the "Help Me" area with two such references (not our own shop), so I guess I need to clarify policy.

The *ONLY* place this should occur with any regularity is in the "Help Me" area. *AND* it should be VERY specific to the request.

No general "try this site," or "xyz has great prices on ____". If someone asks for Kunzite (as in this case) your links should point to the Kunzite <G>

Example: http://beadbanter.com/.../gforum.cgi?post=153

Any other sorts of posts would violate the anti-spam policy here.

Too many other boards and forums are just gratuitous advertising. I don't want to see that here (which is why there is a short limit on signatures, and images are disallowed).

That said, I have no problems with posting specific sources for materials. As you can see, I did ;) I believe in the cooperative nature of the Internet, Forums and sharing information. We don't have a monopoly on beads, supplies and such, but this is our forum, and we are paying for it, so if you want to advertise, contact us, and help pay for it ;). Free plugs are OK _if_ they are relevant and targeted to the post or question at hand.

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Aug 20, 2020, 2:14 AM

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Re: [pugdog] References to commercial sites/etc

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