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Misinformation: Poppy Jasper


May 14, 2003, 7:23 AM

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Misinformation: Poppy Jasper

This is another one, before I forget. Lots and lots of stuff is coming into my shop claiming to be poppy jasper. Maybe one bead on the strand has a _similar_ look to poppy jasper, but 99% of what is being called poppy jasper is just a jasper, or brecciated jasper, or even the really cool indian red jasper.

Poppy Jasper is a _specific_ (and pricey) item, which is why I guess people are up-grading their low grade stuff to that status. BEWARE.

*THIS* is _THE_ poppy jasper (now under a roadway, I believe)


This is *NOT* poppy jasper, but looks like it might be leopard skin:


Poppy Jasper *is* a species of orbicular jasper, or perhaps even a Rhyolite like Ocean Jasper or rain forrest jasper, but it has to have round, orbicular aspects, or it's not a poppy jasper.

The "poppy" comes from the look of the flower, not the seeds (black dots on a red background).
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