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Feb 28th, Wholesale to everyone.


Feb 27, 2009, 1:20 PM

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Feb 28th, Wholesale to everyone.

We would like to remind you that we will be open Saturday the 28th, from 11a to 3p, and we offer wholesale-to-everyone. We are squeezing in another date this month, since we'll be working in the shop anyway that day.

Additional discounts are available to brick & mortar shops, and to orders over $500.

We are the area's only true wholesale source for beads, supplies, and components. We don't just "discount" the prices 20% or 30%, but can often beat the prices for the same items by mail or Internet -- without the shipping or "random" selection.

Spring is around the corner, and we offer unbeatable prices on chip strands -- as low as $2.00 for a 30+ inch strand of med chips of most agates, and standard types, to 4mm rounds of jaspers, agates and such for as low as $3.50/strand (14-16") -- and you don't have to take what we pick -- you can select the actual strands! These strands sell for $6, $8, even up to $15 in other places.

Of course we have a full selection of other shapes, sizes and materials from as low as $1.50/strand, all the way up to $300 and more.

We also have focal beads, pendents, silver pendents, and much, much more -- a truly unique selection in the region!

Stop by.

Remember, if you have a jewelry making business, we *CAN* help you! Even if we aren't your main supplier, we can get you all the extras and fill ins. Talk with us about your needs, and see what we can do to simplify your life, and improve your cash flow -- and thus your bottom line.
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