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Apr 20, 2003, 7:11 AM

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I've been asked a number of times about weaving.

We have the supplies for, and make simple, indian style bead looms. We teach people how to warp and loom weave beads. We have bulk threads, and beads, for this.

But -- we've been asked about non-bead weaving -- A lot.

This past week a good number of customers have asked about weaving, and said there was no source for supplies. I mentioned the other store in town, and most shook their heads. I had assumed that due to their concentration on fiber, they also had weaving supplies.

What sort of stuff do weavers want? (This is all new to me.) I have added some links on card weaving, and basic weaving to the links site (http://betterbeading.com) but that is the extent of my knowledge or explorations.

My mom is in the Spinners and Weavers Guild, but she is a spinner, not a weaver.

Whole stores are devoted to fiber, and I know nothing about it. What sort of non-fiber supplies do weavers want or need? What sort of weaving do people [who read this forum, and would use our shop] do??
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