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Dec 3, 2003, 12:14 PM

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Hobbies and Etc.

Not quite bead related, but everyone does (right?) have other hobbies besides beading <G>

Ours have lately centered around odd animals. We've always picked up strays, but in the past few months we've become parents to some leopard geckos, and a ball python, as well as the usual smaller 4-footed caged animals and fish. The frist of my eggs hatched, and I have two baby geckos, that were sooo cute! Nature is amazing! These little things come out of the eggs ready to roll (Run!). They moved like lightening, and refused to stay on their side of the cage. Within 24 hours they had made their way into the adult side, and curled up with them. Oddly, the larger lizards didn't mind at all -- and actually made room for them!

People say the leopard geckos are solitary. Ours aren't. They like to have their own time, but often pile up 2 or 3 deep for no reason other than they seem to like it.

Once the adult lizards started climbing into the baby's side of the tank, I gave up and pulled the divider!

One baby is 4-5 times it's size in a month. It's about half the size of an adult. The other baby was not growing much, and I just put it into it's own tank (the old community tank). It seems to be chasing crickets, and that's a good sign. It might have been bullied by the other lizards, since it was not much bigger than it's hatchling size, while it's sibling was easily 4x it's size already. The big guy has a wishbone design on his head, so we call him wishbone. Until I noticed the little guy was lagging so much, we were calling him racer X (from speed racer), because he had a black mask and zoomed around the tank. He's still moving fast, just looks so small compared to the other guy!

I've attached a couple of photos. One of whishbone, and why we call him that. He finally posed. Usually, any time I got the camera, he'd disappear, no matter how long he had been out. The other photo shows both siblings (and oddly, their mother, I think). You can't appreciate just how big the size difference is, since the little guy is about 6 inches in front of the big guy, but look at their tails -- especially the base right behind the rear legs. They are both from the same clutch, and both hatched at the same time (while we were out at the movies, so no more than an hour apart). (http://aboutgeckos.com is not open yet, but we are working on it.)

On another note, our goldfish tank _finally_ cleared up! After 3 months of almost daily care, it sparkled! My daughter got a few feeder fish from her cousin, and 3 of them have survived and kept growing. As a present I put them into a 46gal bow-front tank about 3 months ago. I could just not get the water to clear, even with a sub-gravel filter with a 402 power head, a dual emperor bio filter and finally a water polisher micro filter. I think what was happening is that the fish were growing at an accelerated rate due to the new larger tank, and the bio filters just could not keep up. I was changing out 10-15 gallons of water a day and couldn't get the nitrites down under control. But... the fish (now about 4-5 time larger than when they went in) seem to have stabilized, and within the space of 24 hours, the water went from clear/cloudy to sparkling -- and has stayed there for 2 days. Maybe (*HOPEFULLY*) we've reached bio-balance.

These fish are amazing. Every so often one surfaces and says "Here kitty, kitty..." <G>
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